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Presentation at the ITCH conference (Victoria, BC)

A proposal was submitted for a paper titled ‘Clinician-led development of electronic healthcare record systems’ authored by Professor John Chelsom and Naveed Dogar (both City University London). The Paper was accepted and presented at the Information Technology and Communications in Healthcare (ITCH) 2013 Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.
The Ponseti clinic system at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was used to demonstrate the development process of the system and more importantly, the refinement of the CityEHR toolkit. There was a lot of positive feedback about the usability of the toolkit and how the XML structure of the model ensured inter-operability.

Clinician-Led Development of an EHR system

Presentation at the 5th International Clubfoot Conference 2012 (Manchester, UK)

The project undertaken at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital UK aims to streamline the current paper-based practices in the Ponseti Clinic. The vision is to capture the maximum number of clubfoot patients (nationally) to monitor and report progress and success of the Ponseti casting treatment. The database based on the cityEHR toolkit will act as an audit tool. The London and Manchester sites will pilot the database with the aim to roll it out to the maximum number of Ponseti clinics across the UK and Internationally.

The conference was attended by specialist clinicians and charity representatives. This provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the ways in which we can make cityEHR toolkit accessible to international clubfoot clinics (especially in Africa and Asia). Several charities expressed a great interest in providing the toolkit and the model to international clinics through their websites.