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Presentation at the ITCH conference (Victoria, BC)

A proposal was submitted for a paper titled ‘Clinician-led development of electronic healthcare record systems’ authored by Professor John Chelsom and Naveed Dogar (both City University London). The Paper was accepted and presented at the Information Technology and Communications in Healthcare (ITCH) 2013 Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.
The Ponseti clinic system at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was used to demonstrate the development process of the system and more importantly, the refinement of the CityEHR toolkit. There was a lot of positive feedback about the usability of the toolkit and how the XML structure of the model ensured inter-operability.

Clinician-Led Development of an EHR system

Workshop at the ITCH conference (Victoria, BC)

The 2013 International ITCH (Information Technology and Communications in Healthcare) conference took place in Victoria, Canada from 21st to 23rd February. A hands on workshop demonstrated the ontology driven configuration of EHR systems using the CityEHR toolkit. All attendees were handed a portable version of CityEHR on a USB stick, and all were successfully able to run a platform independent version on their laptops.